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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

To MDE: Nice try

I got this today about MDE "big find" yesterday. It is from the Kelley for Minnesota Communications Director"

Response to MDE’s “Breaking News”

MDE gave it a nice try, but got it wrong. There is no substance behind MDE’s “breaking news.”

The Kelley campaign is extraordinarily careful about separating Sen. Kelley’s Senate work from his campaign. The press advisory issued by the Kelley campaign this morning was sent on a personal computer by a volunteer who has never worked at the Senate. He did, however, create the document based on a sample press advisory
from the Senate as a template, a document that was in no way produced by or for the campaign using taxpayer resources.

It is good to see that the opposition is taking Sen. Kelley’s campaign seriously enough to “investigate” it. If in the future MDE ever wants accurate information on Sen. Kelley or the campaign, we’ll be happy to supply it.


  • http://www.sjr4gov.org/

    just to give you a heads up

    By Blogger stp_283, at 2:06 PM  

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